About this blog


Thanks for visiting my blog!

I put this site together for a few reasons.

Giving Back:

I wanted to give back to the IT community.  There are so many great tech authors out there who have made my life as an admin easier.  It could be anything from simple “how to” articles, to “if you get this error, here’s how I solved it”.

Saying it like it is:

I don’t sugar coat my blog posts.  You’ll get real world and honest feedback / opinions on a given solution.  That includes stuff I’ve done on my own, I’m not perfect either.

Writing isn’t a strength of mine:

I’m sure you’ve figured this out by now, but writing isn’t a strength of mine.  If you were to ask me in an interview what my greatest weakness is, I would tell you its my writing ability.  Some of my hope with this blog is to make some level of improvement in that.

Real reviews:

Here’s the deal, I almost NEVER find a good review about a product with someone that’s worked with it longer than their honeymoon period.  I’m not going to be doing all kinds of benchmarks and stuff like that per se, but what you will see at times is reviews of a vendor’s solution after I’ve had at least a year to work with it in the real world, at full scale.  When I write a review about something, its not sitting in some perfect little lab, its in my employers’ datacenter, with real world workloads.

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