About me

Hello! and welcome to my site.  I presume if you’re looking at this, you want to know a bit about me.

Professional background:

I’ve been in IT since 2002 with progressing responsibility.   Below you can see all the different IT roles I’ve held in sequential order.

  1. Phone based tech support (year 2002)
  2. Desktop tech support
  3. Desktop engineer
  4. Systems Administrator
  5. Senior Systems Administrator
  6. Senior Infrastructure Architect
  7. Manager of Systems Administration. (year 2014)

Folks always want to know, what technology I have experience with.  Honestly, I don’t think I could make a comprehensive list if I tried.  However, below, you can see the bigger ones that I have experience with.

  • Microsoft Windows (and its related components) NT4 (yuck) – present
  • Microsoft Exchange 2003 – 2013
  • Microsoft SQL 2000 – 2014
  • VMware vSphere 3.x – 6
  • Equallogic (before Dell), Nimble Storage, Microsoft Storage Spaces 2012, and DotHill.
  • All kinds of other 3rd party solutions (Riverbed, Postini, JAMS, Veeam, CommVault, etc.)
  • Powershell and VBscript

In general, I’m a jack of all trades.  I don’t like being tied to specific roles like storage admin, virtualization admin, exchange admin, etc.  I like having an opportunity to work on all of it.  Its made me a more versatile IT person and IMO a more valuable one too.

Personal background:

When I’m not doing something technology related, you’ll find me doing any number of things.

  • Spending time with my wife, two kids and our crazy dog.
  • Love trying out new micro brews.  If you’re ever in the Allentown / King of Prussia area and want to grab a beer, let me know.
  • I wouldn’t go so far as saying I love lifting, but you’ll find me at the local “Y” going for a new personal best.  Mostly because I’m fighting a losing battle with my next activity.
  • I would classify myself as a foodie, or at least a wannabe foodie.  If I could tag along with Guy Fieri, that would be a great vacation for me.
  • Movies, TV and video games.
  • Going to the beach or the pool.



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